What to do if you are bullied?

If you’re being bullied, there are things you can do, even though it might sometimes feel like the opposite. Talking to someone and seeking for supporters are the most important things to do.

Tell someone you can trust either at school or at home. It can be a schoolmate, a friend, your parents or the teacher. It is the adults’ duty to help you.

Look for friends in your class that could help or support you. If you feel too embarrassed to tell the teacher by yourself, ask a friend and do it together.

Be assertive. Communicate with your whole body that you will not accept bad treatment. Stand tall, look the bully in the eye and speak with a clear voice that what you are experiencing feels bad and it should stop immediately. It can work as a first step to stop that situation. If possible, act like you don’t care, try to walk away from the situation and go tell someone about the situation.

Every bullying situation is different and there is not a single right solution. These all are just suggestions you can try to do by yourself. It is important to tell someone about bullying: don’t keep it to yourself!